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April Blake, NP/CNSA

Hi there! My name is April Blake and I'm a *FIDELITY APPROVED* Notary Public with over 12 years of experience in Mortgage Banking and Mortgage Servicing. I have exceptional customer service skills, I am a professional individual and I will represent you, the customer and my company with 100% loyalty, professionalism and integrity. I enjoy working with the public and I am a genuine and likable person, which makes me an ideal candidate to be a professional notary. I worked in the Mortgage industry for over 12 years, where I was an Audit Analyst for Investor Audits of Originations and Servicing Files. This means that I have scoured hundreds and hundreds of Orignations and Servicing files to ensure that Compliance has been met 100% of the time and that losses were mitigated when a problem or issue was discovered. I am a perfectionist and take pride in the quality in my work. That is why owning my own business gives me the incentive to get it right the 1st time! Thank you for your time and consideration,

                                                             -April Blake

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